The John Wesley Institute (JWI) exists to promote formation and education in the Wesleyan tradition. Originally a collaborative effort with the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Wesley Biblical Seminary, and other renewal groups within Methodism, the JWI has now expanded its partnerships to include multiple seminaries and others committed to the formation of a faithful Wesleyan witness.

The JWI spearheaded the production of The Next Methodism (Seedbed, 2022), bringing together 35 faithful Wesleyan scholars to write about their hope for the Next Methodism.

The JWI hosted over 50 scholars for the Next Methodism Summit in January of 2022, producing The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness. Additional Summits will follow, including a gathering to address Wesleyan social witness in June 2022 and a conference on Anglican Political Thought in October 2022.

Additionally, the JWI is sponsoring Saturday formation events in partnership with Wesleyan Covenant Association chapters throughout the Mid-Atlantic, bringing faithful seminary and college faculty to teach and form disciples in local churches.

The JWI connects faithful Wesleyan scholarship to the Wesleyan faithful.

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