Anglicanism in the Public Square Conference

Oct. 28-29, 2022

Christ Church Episcopal, Georgetown
3116 O St. NW, Washington, DC 20007

Only $60 ($30 for currently-enrolled students)

The John Wesley Institute is proud to host “Anglicanism in the Public Square,” a two-day conference open to the public that brings together an international group of scholars and public intellectuals to explore the public and social implications of Anglican history, theology, and ethics for the public square. The Anglican tradition, from Britain to the Americas, Africa and beyond, has inspired social movements and political figures for centuries.

From English and British monarchs driven by an Anglican vision, evangelical Anglican abolitionists, many of the founding fathers of the American republic, the social witness of Bishop Tutu, and bishops in the House of Lords today, Anglicanism has engaged the public square across the globe.

This conference will explore the question of what Anglicanism, historically and in the contemporary setting, brings to the public square, to the formation of just societies, and to the search for a common good. In an age of fragmentation and partisanship, the Church has a different narrative, a different approach to questions of common life and work. Join us as we explore what Anglicanism has to offer for dialogue, discourse, and disagreement in the public square. 


Jonathan Askonas

Assistant Professor of Politics, Catholic University of America

Nigel Biggar

Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, University of Oxford

Suzanne Geissler Bowles

Professor of History, Emeritus, William Paterson University

Jonathan Chaplin

Honorary Fellow, Wesley House, Cambridge, member of the University of Cambridge Divinity Faculty

David Corey

Professor of Political Science, Honors Program, Baylor University

Daniel Inman

Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral and Visiting Fellow, University of Chichester

Bradford Littlejohn

President, The Davenant Institute; Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Paul Marshall

Wilson Professor of Religious Freedom, Baylor University, Senior Fellow Religious Freedom Institute, Senior Fellow Hudson Institute

Hannah Matis

Associate Professor of Church History, Virginia Theological Seminary

Oliver O’Donovan

Professor Emeritus, Christian Ethics and Practical Theology, University of Edinburgh

J. Peter Pham

Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council
Former United States Special Envoy to the Sahel Region

Ephraim Radner

Professor of Historical Theology, Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto

Miles Smith IV

Lecturer in History, Hillsdale College

The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala

Archbishop Emeritus of Kenya

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